A Year of Dash of Arôme

A Year of Dash of Arôme

Hi guys! Raphy + Steph here.

It's crazy to believe that exactly one year ago Dash of Arôme began. When we first started this business, we had no idea where it would go. Were we taking a risk? Yes. Could we fail? Yes. But, could we potentially succeed and change the lives of so many? Absolutely.

As a year passes since our official launch, we can honestly say that while 2020-2021 may have been one of our least favorite years, it has also been the greatest.

With the loss of our grandfather in July 2020, we were left with terrible regrets. We don’t mean it in a self-serving way but more so in a completely eye-opening way — we couldn't help but think about what his last thoughts of us were and how he didn't get to see our vision become a reality.

And right in that very moment, we gave ourselves a mental stare down, and we really got to look at how we were living our lives just day to day, letting them pass by without much progression. Somewhere down the road, we forgot we were once the wide-eyed, eager to learn, and stubborn-as-all-hell little girls who wanted nothing more than to be just as strong and resilient as our grandparents one day.

That was it. That's really all we needed to decide that where we were at that point in time was not where we wanted to be. So, we promised ourselves to fight for our dreams and let nothing stop us from following them. That month, we created our LLC and three months later we officially launched.

Writing this a year later, we remember being so incredibly nervous to launch a candle brand. Would people give us a shot? Would we get it right or fall flat on our faces? We didn't care. We had to try.

Thank goodness we did. We finally found one of the biggest pieces of our heart. To create something so wonderful out of nothing is a process that is so humbling and will never feel real to us. Most days it just feels too good to be true. But here we are, one year later, and growing to new heights. Not only are we filled with gratitude, but we are so giddy at the thought of the places we'll go!

When we first started Dash of Arôme, we felt as if we had no real purpose. Were we going to climb the corporate ladder forever and never be able to explore our creativity and love for the entrepreneurial world? Or would we take a risk and start a candle business? 365 days later, we will always stand by the quote that says, "If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it."

And for all of this, we owe so many thanks. Dash of Arôme would be absolutely nothing without our customers behind us. Seeing you gush over your candles when they arrive, share your love for them or recommend us to others, it just never gets old. Each and every time it completely melts our hearts and motivates us to never ever stop following this crazy wonderful dream of ours.

Don't get us wrong. Running a business isn't any walk in the park. It's hard and it’s scary and it's tiring and it's stressful. But it's also breathtaking and exhilarating and powerful and the most fun we've ever had in our lives. We've never felt like we are exactly where we wanted to be so much before in our lives.

We are so proud. We hope we make you proud. 

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