Three Valuable Lessons You Learn When Working With Your Sister

Three Valuable Lessons You Learn When Working With Your Sister

Hey everyone, it’s Raphy and Steph, founders and creators of arôme here! Since we’re all about making meaningful connections when lighting candles, on National Siblings Day, we’re sharing our thoughts on what some people might deem a fairly sensitive topic: working with your sister.  

When it comes to working with your sister, it’s very common to here the warnings coming from every direction. "Working with your sister is going to be awful," they say, and we totally get it. That can be true, in some cases. We both acknowledge that working with your siblings doesn't always work out, but we're also here to say that when it does work, it can be a beautiful partnership. 

We took some time to reflect on our business partnership as sisters, so read on to see how we're making it work and the lessons we've learned. 

A Problem Shared, is a Problem Halved!

When forming a business relationship with your sister, you no longer shoulder the burden of starting a business on your own. The beauty of a sister, is they offer emotional relief when needed. While professional decorum is always a good thing to have, you don't always have to maintain so much of it with your sister. Whether it be worries that your latest Instagram post bombed, or worries about income and anxiety over email marketing, each problem is shared with your sister and as a result, miraculously halved. In our case, when one sisters is neurotically chewing on their fingernail over an issue, the other sister jumps in and offers a solution without hesitation. It's this business relationship with your sister that is incredibly reassuring. You can be entirely honest about your concerns with zero self doubt. 

Blood is thicker Than Water 

When setting up a new business, stress levels can be high. We've lost count of the number of times that running arôme has resulted in passive-aggressive text messages to each other, or man-handling one another while making business decisions. We've had our share of disagreements, arguments and even identity crises; each one fueled by the demands of running a candle company. If we were running arôme with a friend, we have no doubt that we would have gone our separate ways by now. But, when working with your sister – or running a business with your sister – your relationship naturally comes with a strong dose of resilience. Having grown up together, you have a lifetime to build and perfect your partnership. 

Bravery In Business

Starting a business with your sister is a high stakes endeavor. You’re both naturally driven with a determination to succeed, and you’ll also find yourselves wondering how far you’ll go to make this success a reality. How big a risk are you both willing to take? How far out of your comfort zone will you both go? Running a business with your sister provides you with a sense of invincibility that you may not have by yourself or with a friend. Of course, there is always the prospect that you might fail, or that your business venture will go down in bright, burning flames. But, if it does you’ll simply pick up the pieces together.

Final Thoughts

On our own, we are only half as brave and half as daring. On our own, we retreat into shyness and insecurity. But when together, we are so much more. We are innovative, capable and determined. So, if you're considering working with your sister, our advice: go for it!


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